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Reserve Study Updates

For future years (and budgets) clients who have had a first time Reserve Study report prepared by our firm will have the option of requesting a Reserve Study update report. In each update report any reserve related changes made to property since the time the last report was prepared will be reviewed. Based on the latest available data, all reserve components costs and life expectancies will be adjusted accordingly. Current financial data will be entered in and a new analysis will be performed. The update report will be prepared in our office without an on-site visit.

Insurance Apprasial Updates 

For existing clients whose property has remained relatively unchanged, we can perform an "update" appraisal at a fraction of the cost of a first time appraisal. An update appraisal will reflect the latest insurable values and incorporate changes made to the property since the last appraisal was made.

We are interested in getting an update proposal for the following:

Property Name:  

Property Contact:


Phone Number:       

Fax Number:           



Since your last report have any of the following occurred?

1) Any new buildings constructed?  

If Yes, Expain




2) Any additions to existing buildings? (Example:. Extended lobby, added storage, etc.)

If Yes, Expain  



3) Any new site improvements or amenities? (Examples: Installed a fence, built a tennis
court, etc.)

If Yes, Expain  



4) Have any existing buildings been improved, upgraded or had any material changes
 done to it?  
(Examples: Roof upgraded from shingles to concrete tile, modernized elevator equipment, new fire alarm installed, etc.)

If Yes, Expain  




5) Have any of the site improvements or amenities been upgraded or had any material
changes done?
(Examples: Installed brick pavers over existing pool deck, upgraded wood fence to vinyl or aluminum, changed pool surface from to Diamond Brite, etc.)

If Yes, Expain  



6) Have any buildings, site improvements, or amenities been removed?

If Yes, Expain  

We will be in contact you within the next few business days to go over your responses.  From that we will then prepare an update proposal for you approval.

Thank you